15 Surprising Health facts

Interesting health facts
Interesting health facts

Health Facts :

Everyone these days is worried about health. With the latest researches and studies, it is getting hard to keep track of what to do or what to not. Health is a state in which you feel physical (and mentally) relaxed and well-being. It is advisable to trust only diet-charts and health facts, that are from reliable and authentic sources.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness or infirmity.” (SOURCE)

Why do you need to be healthy? A healthy person enjoys more benefits. A person with no disease enjoys feeling more comfort and happiness. The human body is a funny thing, no doubt! There are limitless tidbits about the health, and these useless and random facts will blow your mind.

In 2015, the population of the United States (U.S.) spent an estimated $3.2 trillion Trusted Source on healthcare costs. (SOURCE)

To help you update on the useless facts of health, we have put together 15 health-facts that might give you shocked or surprise.

Fact#1: Our sweat is composed of water:

Have you ever thought, what is the composition of the sweat? Almost 99% of the sweat is made up of water. But how much a person sweat is depend on different factors like age, gender, and other environmental factors.

Fact#2: Exercise helps to boost your energy

If you are feeling tired and less energetic, then the best thing to do is exercise. Recent studies have found that exercise helps in the flow of blood and thus, oxygen; as a result, it improves your mood and energy.

Fact#3: Being optimist help to live longer

Is there any correlation between health and optimism? Studies have found that the person with a more optimism approach has fewer chances of diseases like cancer, bacterial infection, or stroke. Being an optimist lower your chances of heart disease too and is beneficial for your overall health.

Fact#4: A hot beverage will cool down your body

It may sound weird, but the truth is, if you drink a hot drink, it will cool down the body temperature quickly as compared to cold water. The reason is that a hot beverage will cause your body to sweat more and thus making your body cool soon.

Fact#5: Bananas help in sound sleep and digestion

Eating bananas are helpful, as it is a good source of vitamin B6. The chemical, Serotonin produced by the brain, is a mood stabilizer. It helps to relieve depression and anxiety and balance your mood and emotions.

Fact#6: Drinking coffee every day can reduce stress

health facts
health facts

Have you heard a lot of adverse effects of caffeine on health? It is not 100% true. As there are benefits of caffeine too. Researchers suggest that the people who drank more cups of coffee every day are less likely to get depression.

Fact#7: Chewing gum helps to improve your memory

Many times, it happens when a person can’t concentrate on certain things. Try to chew gum, as it helps to reduce your tiredness and makes you more alert. Chewing gums helps to improve your memory by decreasing stress levels.

Fact#8: Siting or sleeping can increase the chances of death

People who sit or sleep more than 10 hours a day at their workplace have 48% chances of death, as compared to the people who sat for less time. The best remedy is to take a short break of 5-10 minutes, take stairs instead of the lift, and try to take a long route to reach your office.

Fact#9: Avoid using ATMs as they are dirty

Do you wash your hands after using the ATM? I guess No, because an ordinary person is hardly aware of the sickness, he is getting by using the ATM. Studies have found that an ATM is as dirty as the toilets.

Fact#10: Cold temperature can help to reduce various diseases

If you’re living in a cold area, you may feel good health? You want to know how? The cold environment helps to lower the risk of harmful diseases. It may help to decrease the effects of inflammation and various kind of allergies.

Fact#11: People who eat chocolate have a thin body and skin glow

I think this “useless fact” maybe a piece of happy news for the chocolate lovers. A journal found that the people who are a trend towards to eat chocolate are thinner as compared to the people who eat it less. The dark chocolate, which contains 40% of the cocoa helps to beautify and skin glow.

Fact#12: Having oatmeal in breakfast helps to kill depression

People having insomnia and stress should start eating oatmeal, especially at breakfast. According to a journal publication, oatmeal helps to regulate mood swings and sleeping hours.

Fact#13: People having good relationship helps to increase the lifespan

facts about health
facts about health

People who enjoy a relationship of a supportive partner, the love from friends and attention from the family, have a positive impact on their overall health. Not only on health but also reduce depression and stress to a high level.

Fact#14: Active pregnant women have smart babies

A journal published in 2013, suggests that the women who walk 20 minutes a day, exercise regularly have a smarter baby. So, if a woman wants active and fit kids, she should remain active and healthy.

Fact#15: Green tea improves your memory.

No tea is better than green tea. It is best to fight your anxiety, lose weight, and stop the growth of cancerous cells. It even helps to improve memory. The green tea activates the ability to remember languages faster.

Some final words

After reading all the “health facts”, you will analyze that, these are not very useless. Acting upon and following a few or all the facts, help to develop a healthy lifestyle and happiness.
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