15 Crazy facts about life which will Blow your Mind

crazy fun facts about life
crazy facts about life

15 Crazy facts about life

Our life is the most beautiful gift of nature. It is filled with happiness, sad, feeling of passion, commitments and many more. As every person is different from each other physically and emotionally too, likewise, everyone is different in the process of learning. Some people love to do adventure, unveiled shockingly and bizarrely things.

Life and its surrounding are also full of weird, crazy and funny facts about life. Some facts are fascinating but wild and shocking as well. The answers to these trivial facts are soon revealed, and to some extent, it has been revealed.

crazy facts about life
crazy facts about life

To get the answers to some crazy facts about life, we have collected some crazy facts from all around the globe:

Crazy Fact 1: Snakes have the sense to predict a coming earthquake:

Earthquakes are always unpredictable and sudden, result in destruction and violence of the earth and the people living on earth. There is no instrument yet made to predict such damage waves. But snakes have a sense, that can predict earthquakes from 121km.

Crazy Fact 2: Heart attacks are more common on a Monday:

This is not a fun fact but mostly a fact. The chance of heart attack is increased by 20% on Monday’s. It is advisable to remain calm and tension-free on this day to avoid any heart complications.

Crazy Fact 3: 7% of People living in America have the wrong assumption regarding brown cows:

7% of the population of the USA believe that chocolate milk originated from brown cows. This fact is wired, but anything is possible in this crazy world.

Crazy fact 4: A common perception is that fruits, especially bananas, grow against gravity:

There is a process called “negative geotropism.” In this process, the fruits grow towards the sun, and this is the reason, the banana grows curved.

Crazy Fact 5: Male goats urinate on their heads:

Billy goats or male goats often urinate wastes on their heads. It is so because to create smell attraction between them and their female goats. This is more common in the summer-fall season, and the smell is not pleasant for normal human beings.

Crazy Fact 6: An average human during his lifetime produce a large quantity of saliva:

The life expectancy of a common man is approximately 70 years. According to recent research, an average human produces enough saliva, almost 1 to 2 liters of saliva daily. This quantity is enough to produce 730 liters per year and can fill swimming pools.

Crazy Fact 7: In recent years, most of the years are died or get injuries by taking a selfie:

Selfie trend has been tremendously growing during recent years, and in 2017, 35 people killed during shark attacks worldwide.

Crazy Fact 8: Some foods make you fart:

This one is crazy fact of life, and there’re some foods like beans, cabbage, corn, bell peppers and milk. So, it is recommended not to eat these vegetables or food if you’re planning for a date or day out with your friends.

Crazy Fact 9: Lions can roar louder than other animals:

Do you have an idea of how loud a lion can roar? It can be 25 times louder than a lawnmower.

Crazy Fact 10: Hobo Spider can bite the human being upon crushed or squeezed:

The hobo spider is the species, who bites mostly when they’re crushed or squeezed by a human being.

Crazy Fact 11: A person spends 38 days of his life in brushing his teeth:

Do you want to read a crazy fact about your life? An average person spends almost 38 days of his life brushing his teeth.

Crazy Fact 12: The Fb reaches up to 2 million active monthly users:

Around 2 billion people around the globe are using Facebook in 2017 while the number is increasing day by day, and it is estimated that half of the population will start using the social media channels by the end of 2025.

Crazy Fact 13: Strawberries grow in four colors:

Do you know, strawberries grow in four colors? They’re red, yellow, white and green. These colors are, In fact, the different maturity stages. Before ripping, strawberry is usually red.

Crazy Fact 14: 205 bones are there in the skeleton of the horse:

Usually, the bones of the horse are greater than the bones of humans while humans have 206 bones, while the horses have 205 bones.

Crazy fact 15: If you plug your nose, you will get the same taste of an apple, onion and potato:

DO you know 80% of our taste depends on the sense of smell? That’s why if we plug our nose, we will feel the same flavor of potato, onion and an apple.


facts about life
facts about life

Above 15 Crazy facts of life are exciting and funny as well. If you’re interested in giving some more facts, read this article 20 science trivia about animals.