31 Crazy Fun Facts About Men


31 Crazy Fun Facts About Men

“You’ve got to remember that men are men and women are women. And although a lot of similarities, there are some real differences.” — Helen Fisher

Men are beautiful and yet weird creatures on earth. There are fascinating and crazy fun facts about men, however, we are unaware of them. Men and women, both are the beauty of the earth, but there is a huge difference between them.

In this article, we will extract out how exactly men are different from women physically or mentally. Science has a lot of stories to tell us. But yet, we will also choose scenarios from our surroundings and nature.

If we talk about women, they usually live longer than men or spend most of their time in beautifying themselves or in other stuff in which men are generally not interested.

Here, we have 30 crazy fun facts about men, which you have not heard before and love to read.


Why men always stare at women? I think no one has the answer to this question. But recent studies suggest that on average, a man spends one year of his life staring at other women.


I’m sure you have heard a thousand true stories of the killing of wives by their husbands. A study shows that boyfriends or husbands responsible for killing 50 % of women on earth.


Women are talkative? Yes, they’re. But men lie more than women — approximately 2 times more.


Excessive smoking can lead to infertility in men.


Most of the men prefer shaving over bread. It’s the reason, why men spend six months of their life doing the shaving.


Usually, men walk faster, but they prefer to walk slowly with their female partners.


Breast cancer is prevalent among women. But do you know that men can also develop prostate cancer with 35% of more chances in men than women?


Suicide ratio is increasing more and more in both genders, but still, the rate is higher in men than women. Even in Russia and Brazil, the ratio is six times higher.

The life span of men is about 64 years while in women it is 68 years.


In the U.S., mostly men die from heart disease. This reason is also common in women.


Are men more violent than opposite gender? The ratio of crime is more in men as compared to females.


crazy fun facts
crazy facts

An average height for most men is about 175cm, and the weight is about 190 pounds.


On average, the baby boys born are 107 as compared to baby girls 100. This ratio shows the higher mortality rates of boys as compared to girls.


Most of the men have a habit of using a laptop on knees. This habit could be the reason for fertility in men.


Men with low I.Q. level have trends towards to cheat women.


Research suggests that men are more satisfied and happier with attractive wives.


Men’s thinking, and brain works and function differently from women. They are good at focusing one task at one time while women are multitasking.


The baby boys are likely to die most, almost 25% than baby girls.


Men sweat more than their female partners.


Most of the men blink only 11 times per minute as compared to women (they blink for 19 times).


After the introduction of the Mother’s Day in 1909, Father’s Day was also introduced, next year to recognize the efforts and appreciate the love of the fathers.


Men have a higher level of emotions and aggression than in women. That’s the reason for their uncontrollable emotions and angry.


In the USA, there are 151 million population, and out of those, 64% million are fathers. This shows the highest percentage of fathers in the USA.


Up till 1990, the ratio of male nurses was highest, then the female nurses.


Men are more into alcohol and drugs like marijuana and cocaine.


There’s a gender discrepancy in a disease known as the autistic spectrum, as it is more common in boys as compared to girls.


School going boys have more drop out of school ratio than girls.


Men have more muscle mass; that’s the reason for their larger size brain as compared to women.


Mostly, men bend while women prefer to squat. This is because women often wear short or tight clothes, which makes them comfortable to bend.


Men like those women who have the healthy and right weight.


Men feel more pleasant and self-esteem after getting a compliment from another man other than any woman.

These crazy-fun facts about men didn’t end here. Studies have also shown that man has a particular aptitude for judging a person’s height, weight, and other features. Both genders see things from different angles. If you want to read about some interesting and crazy facts about girls then, read these Amazing facts for kids.