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20 Funny Facts About Girls:

Hmm, funny facts about girls? Well, they’re crazy creatures on earth. In fact, they are weird and complicated inside. You never know what they want and what they’re thinking? But still, they’re a beautiful creature because they are the mother, sister, wife, and daughter of someone.

Some girls are pity well to hide their feelings while others are good to show their feelings by a happy or a sad mood. But still, you can’t predict a girl.

If you asked a girl, what happened to you? Why are you sad? Are You okay? She definitely will reply that I’m good! But in actual she’s not. Maybe she is going through any hard time. It is very difficult to know what she’s thinking.

Who’s more talkative? Yes! Girls exactly. Recent studies suggest that women talk 7k words a day while men only 4-5k words.

Another funny fact about girls is that because of the excess gossips and conversation, and they are also not good at keeping secrets. Girls can’t hold secrets for more than two days. Well, it is advisable not to tell your secrets to your girls. LOL!

Okay, now let’s move to some interesting and funny facts about girls:

Funny Fact#1:

Girls are more intense towards anything they love. They will try to know the full description of the particular thing, which she loves. In short, they are good at memorizing the things they like and enjoy.


Girls love to get the birthday or anniversary surprises from their hubby or boyfriends; even the gifts are not very expensive. They still give them worth.

FACTS about girls
FACTS about girls


They get more getting feelings as a result of divorce or breakup. They’re very possessive in their relationship, even hide the feelings if there is a battle inside her. They don’t let their best friends go quickly and will cry if their best friends left them.


They’re good at exposing beauty or beatify anything they have. Even a small mirror or kitchen plates. They love to decorate their rooms and at home.


Girls are good at seeing more colors. They will rather say eggshell or cream color upon looking at white curtains.


They girls who are more mature physically and mentally appeared to be more attractive towards the men. Men love to have the companionship of adult women.


On an average girl eats 4 lb. of lipstick while eating their food. However, it also varies from region to region and culture of using beauty products.


Girls feed their men with an excessive amount of food to make them strong or in some cases (makes them less attractive for others their opposite gender as well).


This one is weird but still funny fact; most girls are a risk-taker. There is a scientific reason behind it. As part of the brain, which helps to make the decision is more in women/girls.


Girls are choosier towards their style and clothes. They want to remain in fashion, even in their old ages.



Girls are better to smell any scent or food. That’s why this sense helps them to choose the right foods.


You will be shocked to know this fact? But this one is the funny and true one; the Female brain is 9% smaller than its opposite gender. But you know what? Cell count and structure are the same.


Women’s have invented and innovated many stuff and kitchen appliances. Dishwashers, disposable diapers, trash can, are the few examples.


Girls are better to face reading, understand different gestures and voice tones. This makes them a great social connector and leader.


Girl’s life span is usually longer than the opposite gender. The reason is their slow immune system. Women enjoy this benefit of living longer.


Girls are less likely to die from car accidents as they’re less employed to go to their jobs every day.


Girls are good in subjects like social sciences, arts, and languages.


who’s more conscious of weight? Of Couse, girls, but still, they love to eat pizza and fast food.



Girls like the boys having electrical and mechanical skills. This is weird but a fun fact about the girl. Girls are girls, and they can like or dislike any strange thing, you can’t even imagine.


Girls also sweat as boys do, but men are more into sweating.


Well, there are other fun facts about girls too, like they love to spend more time in front of the mirror just looking at herself or spend more time deciding the best wardrobe for her best friend’s marriage. Don’t worry, a girl chooses changes with time, and she adapts herself with mature decisions and lifestyle. All you have to do (if you’re a man) support you girl, whether she is your girlfriend or daughter. Care and feed her, and she’ll be yours. Also read, 20 science trivia about animals and have a good time!