What is “I’m feeling curious,” and how can you use it in 2020?

I am feeling curious
I am feeling curious

Are You feeling bored and want to have fun with the gadgets you have? Then you’re no longer need to go anywhere. Open your laptop and type “I’m feeling curious” on Google. Google is the platform where you can search for endless information on any topic. It is a super exciting way to get access to any information you need. Google scrapes the required content from well-known websites and leaves your mind with many crazy and interesting facts.

Google contains a lot of fun facts and curiosity, and “I’m feeling curious” is one of them. Do you have any idea regarding this fun fact? If no, let me tell you about it. It is not just a fun trick but one of the most educational trick too. Using this trick will vanish away your unwanted thinking and gets you to the world of productivity.

It has been almost more than 42 months for this snippet, which is now used globally to learn things and to kill boredom. Do you know what happens after typing this fact? By typing this random fact, you get a box that pops up with different questions and answers. For the detailed explanation, you can visit the website. This trick is available for Google.co.uk, Google.co. In, Google.co.za, etc. too.

You can scroll down after reading the first fact. You may be shocked to see a list of questions showing in the box. Don’t worry, just enjoy and read them till the end. All the questions related to the facts are submitted by the number of users using Google each day. You just have to put this trick in the search bar and rest, you will see the result.

If you’re reading this article first time for knowing the detail of this trick, then you’re little bit late. It has been approximately 4 years; Google has introduced it. Let me give you some more information about it.

 When did it begin?

“I’m feeling curious” is added to the search engine in 2015. Besides this trick, there are a lot of fun and crazy facts, that you can use to kill your boredom, but this trick is considered to be one of the most educational ones, even find on the Google search engine.

Ask “Another Question”:

Google never let you down. How? You will be excited to know that you can even avail of the option of asking another question. How many times? As many times, you wish to! You can use that random box as many times you want to. Google is cool. Isn’t it? Spending a few minutes or hours on this “trick” can help you to add information. The information gained from here will help you to engage with your family and friends and discuss the random fun facts you’re searching about or also give them recommendations.

This Trick can help you in Educational purpose:

Are Google facts just for fun? No, “I’m feeling curious,” trick is a great way to help you in your school or university assignments. It can even help you in your professional life too. When you type this fun-fact, you can get many options to go for your favorite search field like if you’ve interest in archaeology, then probably you will get answers related to it.

This Trick improves your general knowledge and overall awareness:

Instead of wasting your time, you can learn many new wonders and useful things by using this trick. This trick will help you to find the unique and weird concepts of your mind, which you were thinking for many years. But unable to find answers from your surroundings. Is this trick is useful for young people only? Well, this Trick can be used for all ages, even from 5-year-old to 50 years old and that without any gender discrimination too. Thus, this simple Trick is accessible to all.

What to do, if “I’m feeling Curious is not working?

Well, there may be some reason. Maybe, the browser you’re using is not updated, or the browser’s cache is full of unwanted files.

  1. You need to do two things to get access:
  2. Clear up your Brower’s history. You can even use shortcut keys (CTRL+H).
  3. After opening your history. Click on the clear browsing option.
  4. If both things are not working, then wait for some time; maybe the trick is not working randomly and maybe work after some time.

What’s to come for “I’m feeling curious.”

We are humans, and we get bored very easily and quickly. There’re some people who sits idle in front of the computers, does nothing, gain no information. For a person who’s a “knowledge buff” can take a lot of benefit from this trick and a person who is fun loving can also use this trick to kill boredom.

2019_is the world of technology and innovations. It’s good to see something which is engaging as well as cover the educational capacity. This Google trick is helpful to prove you a person with facts and figures.

Here, are some of the other fun facts, you can try to have some good moments:

  • I’m feeling stellar
  • I’m feeling trendy
  • I’m feeling wonderful
  • I’m feeling playful
  • I’m feeling puzzled
  • I’m feeling doodley
  • I’m feeling generous
  • I’m feeling artistic

Some Final Words:

I hope the above article will be informative regarding “I’m feeling curious,” and you will enjoy the stuff you will see in the search bar. If you still have any inquiries, read 24 Interesting and Crazy facts You Didn’t Know About Google. I hope you will never regret reading it.