20 science trivia about animals


20 science trivia about animals:

Every creature on earth is different from each other. Like, animals are different, unique, and share different behavior. It’s hard to say which science trivia about animals are very interesting or funny. But whatever it may be, we have made a list of some of the fascinated facts about animals around us.

A lot of these trivia about animals shows some core of similarities and differences between people and animals, which give rise to more intriguing questions.

Why is it important to talk about the science trivia about animals? Because the 7.77 million species on earth are of animals and the biggest kingdom too. In this article, you will be got to know about the famous tigers, whales, cats, dogs and of course many other animals facts.

Let’s move to the list of the exciting and crazy facts about animal trivia waiting below for you to read:

Fact#1: Pigeons are smart birds

Just like human beings, pigeons are quite intelligent and smart. According to the study published in 2011, it was found that the pigeons are also capable of recognizing images and even can-do math’s. So, birds, especially pigeons, could count.

Fact#2: An animal named as Koalas sleep between 18 to 22 hours in a single day

Koalas are widely found in Australia, and they require a lot of stamina to digest their food, that’s why they usually sleep more than other animals, even can sleep up to 22 hours a day.

Fact#3: Dolphins use specific whistles to call one another

This is one of the exciting science trivia about the animal, that dolphins have their particular names for one another. A study published in 2013 said that dolphins use different sound whistles for one another.

Fact#4: Cats use to meow at human beings only

cats trivia
cats trivia

You hardly know the cat’s act friendly with their human fellows. Adult cats don’t meow at other cats but humans. They express their love in the form of meowing at humans.

Fact#5: Horses have different facial expressions

According to a study published in 2015, horses can make distinct facial movements and expressions.

Fact#6: Deer can run to the speed of 35 miles per hour

Do you have an idea? How fast can a deer run? It can hit the top speed of 35 miles per hour, and Reindeer can even run at 50 miles per hour.

Fact#7: An octopus has nine brains and three hearts

You got only one heart, but octopuses have three. Two hearts help the blood to reach the gills of octopus while another one brings blood to other parts of the body, and the story doesn’t end here. Another interesting fact is that they have nine brains.

Fact#8: Earthworms can jump when get detached

Some species of the worms can jump upon getting detached according to a research done on them.

Fact#9: Crocodiles can live up to one century

Some crocodiles like Nile crocodiles have the ability to live up to 100 years, and in these 100 years, they can also cause a lot of damage to other species like humans and other animals.

Fact#10: Chimpanzees are also fond of drinking

Do you know, wild chimps too fond of drinking just like animals? A study published in 2015 revealed that chimpanzees love to drink different flavors.

Fact#11: Frogs can freeze themselves in hot weather

Frogs can freeze themselves for a more extended period during winter seasons. This thing helps them to tolerate the bad and cold weather.

Fact#12: Male horses have more teeth than their opposite partners.

This one is interested to know that male horses have more teeth i.e., 40-42 permanent teeth than their female partner, who have around about 36-40. Why horses have such a large number of teeth? Mostly these extra teeth help them to protect themselves.

Fact#13: Octopuses can taste and grab through their arms

What is more impressive about Octopuses? Octopuses use their wings to taste or grab another animal for its eating purposes. Also, they move with a speed of 25 miles per hour, and this speed helps them to prey on another animal quickly.

Fact#14: Reindeer eyes color changes throughout the seasons

Reindeer changes their color from gold to blue, throughout the seasons. Their eye color of reindeer changes due to weather changes and extreme change of change in the environment.

Fact#15: Giraffes tongue is black


Giraffes’ tongue is black and is long as 20 inches. This is because the black color saves it from burning while eating.

Fact#16: Sloths take 30 days even to digest a single leaf

The sleepy mammal’s sloths take a month to digest even a single leaf. This is so, of the slow bowel movement they have once a week while human takes 12 to 48 hours to digest the food completely.

Fact#17: Some turtles restrict themselves in winter and breath through their butts.

Animals have to maintain the temperature to survive in warmer climates. That’s the reason the painted turtles restrict their access and start breathing through their butts. They mostly get oxygen directly from the water.

Fact #18: Dogs have fewer taste buds as compare to human beings

We, humans, have 9,000 taste buds and experience different taste buds, while dogs can only around about 1700 taste buds.

Fact#19: Giraffes with darker spots are more prominent

According to a study of 2019, the giraffes with darker spots seem to be dominant, while lighter spots giraffes are less noticeable.

Fact#20: Butterflies’ taste buds are stronger than humans.

You will be amazed to know that buffer flies have potent taste buds, 200 times stronger. They can easily detect whether the plant they are sitting at, is edible or not.

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